EQ Drywall Studs: High Performance in Metal Studs

When you’re getting ready to work on a drywall project, final appearance and stability of your project is based from the studs. Usually, wood and metal studs are the basic options available. However, the professionals at Clark Dietrich Building Systems have developed a new option that’s starting to turn heads: EQ Drywall Studs. Aren’t these regular metal studs? No, they’re better!

What is an EQ Drywall Stud?

Product image of EQ Drywall StudsRecognizing the issues in metal studs in the drywall framing industry, the experts at Clark Dietrich set out to develop a new option. ProSTUD framing was developed and tested in the field by drywall and framing professionals to best meet their needs. It was then tested using comprehensive laboratory trials to determine overall strength as well as fire and sound resistance. It uses high-strength steel to deliver superior performance through stiffening enhancements, delivering strength and stability that had been previously unimagined.

Stud Gauge

Metal studs can use gauge equivalent to meet performance requirements while minimizing material used in manufacturing the studs. In the EQ ProSTUD's situation, roll forming and steel making technologies were incorporated to ensure that the finished metal studs would not just meet, but exceed performance requirements for movement allowed and connection strength. It also exceeds requirements for life safety, system performance, and connections, the three most important functions of metal framing in drywall.

Limiting Wall Heights

Installing half height drywal studsBecause of the wide range of situations and materials that may be used with the EQ studs, there are also a wide range of wall height options. Depending on the exact stud type you select from the ProSTUD line, the bracing used and the stud spacing selected, you can have a wide range of acceptable wall heights. These variables can end up with a wall height limits that range from 4'0" to 30'7", giving you all the options you need to get the job done.

Job Applications

But what type of situations does the ProSTUD line work well in? It's a good option when you need to add fire or sound ratings to a project. The system exceeds limiting height requirements for fire rating systems and can be used in a range of common UL framing assemblies. It's also been tested for sound resistance and has passed over 75 different assemblies for acoustic performance.

Weight Specs and Strength

Detailed close up of EQ Drywall ProStuds Because of the quality manufacturing process, the ProSTUD line is designed to deliver superior strength and resilience to similar studs with greater thicknesses and weight. This allows it to deliver a lower overall allowable movement in a thinner metal, saving resources and weight in the final project. Though you might expect the thinner metal to have issues at connections, screw performance in the ProSTUD line is superior to conventional drywall framing in laboratory tests. Because it was designed to exceed conventional framing, the ProSTUD metal studs use high-strength steel, web embossment, knurling features and flange stiffening grooves to provide superior performance and exceed ASTM C645 requirements.

The high quality of the ProSTUD EQ Drywall Studs is clear, and the system can deliver superior performance on the job site. If you need help determining which line of ProSTUD materials is best for your situation, Wallboard Supply Company is here to help. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced associates today to learn more.