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We carry a large variety of top quality lumber and plywood, both treated and untreated in various sizes. These include:

  • Kiln dried dimesional lumber
  • Fire treated and pressure treated lumber
  • CDX plywoods in various edges
  • Fire treated and pressure treated plywoods
  • Fire treated precut blocking
  • Zip Wall Systems
  • Advantech
  • Strapping

Specialty Lumber Products
Wallboard Supply is FSC® Certified, and can fill all your FSC® lumber requirements. Also Wallboard Supply Co. has access to complete engineered wood floor and truss systems in meeting your jobs needs.
Certificate Code: SCS-COC-003067 | Trademark License Code: FSC-C074625

Need More Information about Wood Construction
APA, The Engineered Wood Association, and The Forest Stewardship Council® offer's a number of excellent documents relating to wood construction. Among them, the Engineered Wood Construction Guide, Fire-Rated Systems Design/Construction Guide, and FSC® website are comprehensive sources of standards and specifications.

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